Family Ties

This genealogy website is devoted to the research of the Whitney and Mangum family history. It follows the lines of Thomas Frank Whitney's parents (Whitney/Troester) and several lines that branch off of them as well as that of Andaleen Louise Mangum's parents (Mangum/Drew).

Primary surnames that are being researched include:

  • Whitney - Ballard, Barrett, Betts, Bray, Case, Ellsworth, Essley, Hayes, Gould, Hughes, Johnson, Jones, Kilts, Lake, Loomis, McMillen, Messenger, Osgood, Palmer, Patterson, Phelps, Raymond, Smith, Troester and Aligned Families
  • Mangum - Adams, Allen, Bell, Carter, Clendenon, Crick, Drew, Glass, Horton, Kemp, Langless, Morris, Mosher, Palmer, Pool, Powell, Rayle, Riddle, Weaver, Williams, Wood, Woodard, Wooders, Worrell and Aligned Families

    We do genealogy research on our families because we love the research and satisfaction we get when we find someone new. However much of the information contained in this document includes research notes or possible family members that one source or another (as yet unconfirmed) have led us to. We have included these people so that others may further research if they so desire.

    Any or all of the information contained herein is subject to change if new information arrives that we feel has better, more compelling sources of information. Much of the information gleened today is over the internet. This is both a blessing and a curse. We can find data very quickly, but much of it is not sourced or incorrectly sourced and due to the nature of the internet, if the other party determines a piece of information is incorrect they may or may not correct in the source we are reviewing, and they certainly are under no obligation to notify us if the details have changed. We do however hope that you will take the time to let us know if you find any errors or omissions within the pages we present here.

    We've posted our genealogy files to rootsweb databases for your viewing. In some cases we've included ties that we can not substantiate but which we feel strongly is accruate. See our Notes / Research Notes for clarification on those items. Information can be accessed by clicking one of the links below:

    Other areas on this site can be accessed via links noted below or accessed through the links at the top of each page:

    • Records - This section includes information sources from Official documents, such as Census, Birth, Marriage, Death, Divorce, Probate, Land, and Taxes.
    • Notes- This section includes stories written in narrative about my ancestors. Our attempts to combine genealogy facts with family history. We've included a section on our research notes as well which includes theories, and a section of trivia - things we wanted to tell but did not fit well anywhere else.
    • Pictures - always adding new pictures! Mostly Old but they may be new to us
    • Links - Includes some of the links I access a lot. Maybe you'll find these interesting or helpful as well.

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